In order to reduce the number of unemployed in Indonesia , the government continues to strive to open as much as possible of new jobs . Enterprises in which to expand employment can be done in various fields .
  1. In agriculture, including agricultural lands open new and improve agricultural irrigation regularly so do not depend on the season.
  2. In industry, by simplifying the requirements for opening new factories or industrial enterprises.
  3. In the field of trade, ie the policies of deregulation and de-bureaucratization , so the entrepreneur can increase trade and open up new employment opportunities
  4. In the field of services, by increasing various forms of business services , which will be able to create new jobs .
  5. In other fields , such as by increasing the effort in construction, communications, tourism, and so on .Impact of Unemployment on economic communities Activity

Impact of Unemployment on Economic Communities Activity
One important factor that determines the wealth of a society in terms of economic activity is the level of income. Income communities or countries will reach a maximum when the level of full employment can be achieved (full employment). Unemployment will reduce the income of the people so that the resulting level of welfare state also reduced. Unemployment can also cause a variety of economic and social issues, consumer issues, health, and development prospects in the future. The impact of unemployment on economic activity are as follows.
  1. Hampered production activity, due to declining output produced and the quality of the output, so as to lower the national income and per capita income.
  2. Activity distribution of substandard, because if the output produced by a low quality firm, the articles are not sold in the market, both domestic market and abroad, so that economic growth is low.
  3. Consumption is reduced, because the goods required by consumers are not met by the manufacturer. Moreover, when the manufacturer is not able to produce a product, there will be famine

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